Tane MacDonald


Ngai Tahu, Rangitane

SNARE Poster
The Final Project Scene in Houdini
Final Composition

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

My role as the Visual Effects Supervisor in SNARE was mostly focused round the flood scene. Months of pre-planning went into this scene because at first, it was considered a very hard shot. Lots of creative and technical decisions were made with the directors on how we could create a polish result. This meant that 26 editions of water simulations were produced for this scene before the deciding the final cut.
Snare is a Psychological Thriller short film that follows Simon, a young adult who begins to question his family’s intentions after becoming trapped within his own home. Through a non-linear structure and distinct visual style, Snare explores the effects of mental health and the impact it has on both the individual and their family.

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Block 1 Level D