Jacob Waipara



Bachelor of Creative Media Production

When setting out to create snare, we wanted to establish an experimental and original psychological thriller film. This project allowed me to branch my skills out as I was given two roles, First AD and Music Supervisor. Having worked with music production for a few years now I already knew my way around music softwares. However, this was my first time working on a soundtrack for a film and was a much different creative process than with my other music so a lot of the time I was still learning as we went along.

Our film achieves storytelling through a non linear narrative complemented by compelling visuals. After exposure our team plans to continue pushing to get Snare screened in multiple short film festivals.
Snare is a Psychological Thriller short film that follows Simon, a young adult who begins to question his family’s intentions after becoming trapped within his own home. Through a non-linear structure and distinct visual style, Snare explores the effects of mental health and the impact it has on both the individual and their family.




Block 1 Level D