Bailey Kilmartin (Le Bardo)


MIA Mo-cap & VFX

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

I believe MIA set out to demonstrate the abilities of emerging virtual production technologies, naturally this'd get my attention as I love tinkering and learning about complex technologies. It was a challenge when I had to part with the Mo-Cap as an option for the project as time went on, however the film turned out amazing without it. I only wish I had the chance to demonstrate more of my abilities to the team.
M.I.A is a short film set in a not-so-distant future Wellington, New Zealand. This story takes place on the night that self-driving car passenger, Kara, encounters an unexpected surprise and must fight for her freedom.

Using a combination of virtual production methods that includes 3D models, 'volumetric film-making' and photo-scanning real-world miniatures, the production of M.I.A includes use of emerging technologies, as well as traditional film-making.
Block 1 Level D