Molly Buglass-Clapham

Black Channel

Black Channel Poster
Apastron 04 Interior - Pilots Quarters
Character design for Markus Schulz, Black Channels protagonist

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

As the Producer, Writer, and Creative Director for Black Channel, I was so excited to help bring our cassette futurism sci-fi horror game to life. I’ve worn several other hats as well, including creating concept art, illustrations, 3D models and textures for the game. Working on Black Channel was a huge learning experience for me, and I’m ready to get out into the industry and see what I can do.
Black Channel is a 3D first person cassette futurism horror game that follows Markus, a newly recruited search and rescue pilot, as he begins his first day patrolling the infamous Bermuda Triangle-like area of the Boötes Void known as the ‘Black Channel’. As you explore his ship, you interact with belongings, audio-logs, and black boxes from previous pilots, piecing together a mystery revealing eldritch entities that reside within the void.
Block 1 Level D