Jeremy Cameron

Black Channel

Image Collage // Black Channel

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Black Channel is a game based around narrative design. I was drawn to this project to explore the relationship between game and narrative design. Through consistent testing and team review we managed to create a short game that has a self contained story yet with further exploration and analysis expands to tell of a much larger world. The high standard of quality we set ourselves at the start of the project was a challenge but I feel we all rose to the occasion and grew an immense amount during the creation of Black Channel.
Black Channel is a 3D first person cassette futurism horror game that follows Markus, a newly recruited search and rescue pilot, as he begins his first day patrolling the infamous Bermuda Triangle-like area of the Boötes Void known as the ‘Black Channel’. As you explore his ship, you interact with belongings, audio-logs, and black boxes from previous pilots, piecing together a mystery revealing eldritch entities that reside within the void.

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Block 1 Level D