Jovanna Penn-Reina

Of Ugly Things

Of Ugly Things is set in an eerie landscape that aims to show the theme that ugly is not evil

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Of Ugly Things theme is, ugly is not evil. Our project set out to portray this this theme throughout the short film. I was interested in joining this project was because of it being an animation film. This meant as the sound designer I would be able to create every sound that was needed and have this creative freedom that I would not have in a live-action project.
Set in an eerie landscape, a primal creature wrestles with its nature and the encroaching forces of the world around it when it is confronted by a defenceless child. Of Ugly Things is a short 3D animated horror/thriller film created for the client of Terror-Fi film festival as a major project for the Bachelor of Creative Media Production course.
Block 1 Level D