Quinn Fenton (Quinx)

Blood Tropicana

I Composited, created, and layered up several effects to make the final Hologram effect shown in the film

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

I am one of the VFX artists who worked on the film BloodTropicana. This is the first short film I've worked on as a VFX artist and I've learned a wide range of skill sets that I can now apply to future projects. During the course of making this film I worked closely alongside the Director and DOP to make sure the visuals created matched the overall style and look we set out to create.

Blood Tropicana is a 12-minute sci-fi short film set in a dystopian Wellington. Frank, still grieving his late wife, decides to impersonate an officer at the I.C.A, the specialists in tracking and deporting overstayers. Frank begins to question his fascist worldviews when he confronts an illegal immigrant inside the seedy speakeasy, Blood Tropicana. The film explores the themes of migration, corruption, prejudice, and loss.


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Block 1 Level D