Hadley Norman

Blood Tropicana

Role - Gaffer
(Behind the scenes) Hadley Norman - Gaffer
(Behind the scenes) Hadley Norman - Gaffer and Matthew Canlas - Best Boy

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

I am the Gaffer of Blood Tropicana. I was interested in the ambitious potential of the project, especially from a lighting perspective. I worked mostly hands-on with the lighting equipment and the Director of Photography to plan, create and run the lighting of the film with the help of the rest of the lighting team. This project allowed for a lot of diverse lighting that I am very proud of.
Blood Tropicana is a 12-minute short sci-fi film set in a dystopian Wellington. Frank, still grieving his late wife, decides to impersonate an officer at the I.C.A, the specialist in tracking and deporting overstayers. Frank begins to question’s his fascist worldviews when he confronts an illegal immigrant inside the seedy speakeasy Blood Tropicana. The film explores the themes of migration, corruption, prejudice and loss.




Block 1 Level D