Marie Taeger

Midnight Snack

Welcome to Mignight City - your animal friends are waiting!
Producing for this project involved a lot of communication with clients, staff and of course amongst the team.

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Producing for Midnight Snack was a very interesting and enjoyable experience. We had managed to create a prototype that worked for us early on which allowed us to plan and schedule well and create something in a reasonable scope that we are happy with. Organizing this team and project gave me a lot of new skills, appreciation for and a new understanding of the game development process.
‘Midnight Snack’ is a cute 3D puzzle game designed to be played with a balance board. The game, made in collaboration with the physiotherapy game company SWIBO, focuses on developing your balance and agility. You play a mischievous raccoon whose goal is to deliver food to their hungry animal friends. Enjoy building your puzzle solving skills while navigating the city at night and find those tasty snacks!


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Block 1 Level D