Imogen Brown (imagine animatics)

Midnight Snack

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

I worked on the project Midnight Snack, for this project I was the Lead Animator and Character Rigger. This means I was responsible for rigging the character models and animating them for the game. Over the course of the project, I learnt a lot about the rigging process and creating animations for a game. Also, my animation skills have developed a lot this year. One of the biggest struggles this year was making sure my animations 1) Communicated accurately to the players what it is that they are doing and what they need to do next, and 2) Making sure my animation looked good from all angles. As this was my first time ever working on a game project these were things I hadn't had to think about before. But I've learnt so much throughout the year about working on a game and creating animations for one.
‘Midnight Snack’ is a cute 3D puzzle game designed to be played with a balance board. The game, made in collaboration with the physiotherapy game company SWIBO, focuses on developing your balance and agility. You play a mischievous raccoon whose goal is to deliver food to their hungry animal friends. Enjoy building your puzzle solving skills while navigating the city at night and find those tasty snacks!
Block 1 Level D