Ebeney Russell


Bachelor of Creative Media Production

I'm Ebeney Russell, the Game Director and Lead Programmer for Neocense. My roles included managing our team's progress, as well as creating the main mechanics that drive our gameplay. I spent weeks grinding out this game and am very excited to see it finished. Programming this game was a great learning experience, learning about 2D assets in Unity and isometric perspective.
Neocense is a 2D isometric puzzle game made in Unity. Explore the world of Cha as Amori, who has just discovered she has a rare gift called the Cense; she can connect with spirits and enter the realm of passing. Through seeking the truth about her identity, Amori delves deeper into Cha’s past, The Hunters Army, and the history they've tried to bury. It's only a matter of time before she realizes the hardest unturned stones are the ones weighted with grief, and it's these which reveal the most about us.



Block 1 Level D