Liam McGuire


DOP shooting over the cliff-face at Makara beach, stead by 1st and 2nd AC
DOP Shooting with dolly at Mt Victoria forests
Rangimarie on screen as JULES

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

As the D.O.P on QUINTESSENCE image has been everything. From battling Welly weather with a camera worth more than my degree to working in a studio where each element is controlled to the smallest detail, working on this project has brought me so many learning experiences as a visual storyteller. I could not be more proud of the obstacles we have overcome as a team and as people.
QUINTESSENCE is a film that was born from strife. A character confined to their quarters only to experience the world through a digital lens, this year and its struggles have influenced our story beyond measure. Our goal is to bring attention to pressing environmental issues through a situation that, while now familiar to us all, is yet to be extensively explored through creative storytelling.





Block 1 Level D