Jonathan Buenaobra

Mindfully Made

Mindfully Made Poster
Project Team
Host, Brittany Cosgrove in the Studio

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

As Producer of Mindfully Made, I was able to implement my logistical skills to ensure an efficient workflow and a cohesive crew. As the central liaison between the creative team, and the client and contributors, I was able to establish strong relationships that fostered important storytelling. The process has been challenging yet fulfilling, and I am beyond excited to see Mindfully Made succeed as an educational and entertaining documentary series.
Mindfully Made is an online documentary series consisting of 4 X 5 minute episodes that explore the importance of sustainability in the New Zealand fashion industry. We follow our host, Brittany Cosgrove, as she discovers the true environmental impacts of fast fashion and learns how New Zealand designers and activists respond to the challenges and opportunities of ethical fashion.
Block 1 Level D