Finley Jones

At Your Local

At Your Local poster
Screen Grab from Matt Galbreath Coffee Supreme interview
Screen Grab from episode 'Goods' - rolling a chocolate scroll

Bachelor of Creative Media Production

Being in my favored position as editor and writer for the project, I really enjoyed having a huge amount of creative control in the post production segment. Hearing that the project has excellent pacing and story arc was something I really valued, from the first script/draft cut to the final project, the extensive time we collectively contributed has paid off. Our tight relationship is reflected in the final project.
At Your Local is a four part documentary series made in association with Coffee Supreme. We discover the heart of three cafes around New Zealand; Baker Gramercy, Goods, and the Creel Tackle House and Cafe, as well as the Coffee Supreme Roastery. At Your Local tells the stories of the individual hardships that they faced during the Covid-19 crisis. At Your Local encourages an appreciation for small local businesses, especially during testing times.

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