Eleanor Donnelly

Feminine Melancholia

A series of instillations designed to explore melancholic women and recontextualize this part of female mental health.
Installation of objects that visually communicates the acceptance of female sadness through statement
A nonlinguistic interpretation of female sadness expressed through narrative illustration
An editorial poetry publication that displays female musicians who have created song lyrics that express their own sadness as a collation

Bachelor of Design with Honours

Feminine Melancholia explores the diverse and complex nature that is female melancholy. As an anthropologic observation, the female melancholic exists as a subculture of women who experience deep sadness throughout their lives, that exists as part of their identity. Feminine Melancholia manifests the abstract notion to female sadness through a collection of visual experience, illustration, narrative, photography and creative writing for women to connect and find a sense of solace within.


Block 12 Level E