Dana King


A typographic expression of lyrics from the song I used as a case study for my project, visually depicting the manner in which they are sung.
A graphic score created in response to the song ‘Am I The Only One Who’s Walking’ by Arjuna Oakes.
Paintings created to depict the pitch and rhythm of certain sections of the song.
A library of icons, drawn to express a multitude of different aspects of the song, both in terms of musical qualities and meaning.

Bachelor of Design with Honours

Today, whilst we can engage with a vast array of music in a variety of circumstances, the attachment between music and listener is much weaker than it once was. There is no longer ownership of music as there was when it was carefully chosen and purchased.

This project explores how design might facilitate active engagement with a piece of music, and subsequently craft intimate moments within contemporary listening.

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Block 12 Level E