Courtney Purcell

A Matter of Fackt

New Zealand, we are not immune to the fake news virus
Opening spread for the publication - 'A Matter of Fackt'
Section One - Exposing the Bullsh*t
Why should we care about misinformation?

Bachelor of Design with Honours

A Matter of Fackt is an editorial exploration of fake news and it’s presence in New Zealand, created in response to student vulnerability online and the spread of COVID-19 and election misinformation this year. It is designed to provide students with visceral insight into the news environment and debunk the misconception that NZ isn’t affected by fake news. It plays the role of the middle man between the media and the reader, encourages critical thought and serves as a warning for Kiwis. The publication is the first part of a larger ecosystem designed to educate and immunise against fake news and misinformation.
Block 12 Level E