Anastasia Burn

The Flag is not the Territory

The vessel of the flag (and its custom flag pole) is the key response to 'The Flag is not the Territory'.
Flat lay of the flag. It is a collective response of four individuals and their experience with being ‘The Other’ within Aotearoa’s Nationalism.
Title spread from the vessel of the passport. It is an extension from the visual flag for a ‘closer’ reading.
‘Jack’ title spread. The 'Freedom Pass' is a profile/passport for the project. It documents kōrero of the four individuals.

Bachelor of Design with Honours

Our universal systems of hegemonic Nationalism is an innate fallacy of representing all 'individuals'. Instead they are a violent system that justifies control and regulation of 'The Other'. By appropriating and subverting these systems through the designed vessel (the flag, the passport) we can produce a counter-sign system for those ostracised by the State, to assert and prioritise their voices. By facilitating a collective based response, these individuals highlight celebration and fallacy within their experience of Aotearoa’s Nationalism.
Block 12 Level E