Wyman Pang

Elevated City 2090

Lambton Quay of the future has become a flooded city. The outside atmosphere is now hazardous to humans.
Society has adapted to live alongside Climate Change. Life has changed in the future, however, society attempts to find normality through their day-to-day lives.
The Desalination Plant. One of the seven characteristics within the design narrative. Its purpose is to filter ocean water into fresh water for general use.

Bachelor of Design with Honours

This project speculates a future world based on the consequences of Climate Change. The urban environment of Lambton Quay is revisioned as a future society that adapts to the calamity on the environment and the technological and societal shifts that may occur as a result. Through this project, Science Fiction is applied primarily to reflect upon our actions of the present, but also to visualize a resulting future urban life.



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Block 12 Level D