Anna Bennetto (annalou)

internally align • a natural state of mind

annalou is a solo project by Anna Bennetto. Her current main focus is to create music with healing properties, bringing listeners back to nature and making them feel spiritually connected

Bachelor of Commercial Music

This EP is a conceptual body of work combining ‘new age’ meditative nature music
with my dreamy indie style. The focus of the EP is around the connection to nature in our digital world. It involves samples I've captured from nature, solfeggio frequencies, and many layers of ambient vocals, guiding you on a soft meditation to help listeners with spiritual healing and aligning their chakras.
What inspired this EP was our humanity’s slow but sure distancing from nature due to the exponential growth of technology in our lives, and how that might be affecting our mental and spiritual health.
I wanted to bring the sounds of nature into the music that we listen to every day, so it feels a bit closer even when you’re in the middle of a hustling city. Nature is healing.




Block 1 Level C