Alissa Smaill


Collab-o-run consists of a free-standing board with holes for the balls to pass through and run pieces to be attached with nuts and bolts.
Collab-o-run includes storage that attaches to the board leg for the four different sets of nuts and bolts.
Players must communicate and work together to attach pieces to the board using nuts and bolts.
Collab-o-run pieces were designed to create the most interesting movements and sounds.

Bachelor of Design with Honours

This project aims to address the negative effects technology is having on children’s play and learning. Collab-o-run is a ball run toy for ages 3+, that requires one player on each side of the board working together to attach pieces and create a run. Collab-o-run was designed to stimulate the senses by creating different sounds and movements and teach communication and collaboration skills.

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Block 12 Level D