Nicole Galvin

Embrace These Things

Powersuit:PowerCoulple, 2019, Wire, papermachee, paint
Thirty Fingers Fisting, 2020, Fabric, Flour
Thirty Fingers Fisting, 2020, Fabric, Flour
the Sentinels, 2020, Wood, concrete, paint, foam

Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours

Embrace These Things' examines my experience as a queer woman with a trans-national, multi-cultural identity. By critiquing notions of ‘self’ and ‘other’ my work explores intersectional theory, that is, how race, gender, sexuality, etc. connect and relate to each other. It is about the politics of becoming, about how complex and shifting identities respond to the world, but it is also about bodies. About their construction, their deconstruction, and their transcendence into something else entirely.

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