Lydia Paine

Mother & Mode

Phoebe Tims wears Roy Vest, Sepia Short and Fragment Shirt. Photographed by Lydia Paine.
Phoebe Tims wears Roy Vest and Rita Smocked Dress. Ayak Chout wears Jacqueline Smocked Shirt, Keith Pant and Sydney Knitted Cardigan. Photographed by Lydia Paine.
Ayak Chout wears Minnie Dress, Distorted Smocked Bag and Keith Pant. Photographed by Ben Dickens and Lydia Paine.
Ayak Chout wears Rita Smocked Dress. Photographed by Lydia Paine.

Bachelor of Design with Honours

‘Mother & Mode’, is a poignant reflection upon my family, and the history of fading crafts passed down through generations. These slow-fashion pieces speak of fragments of memories and the processes within to add value to the mode of curation, as a counter to over-consumption. Combined with natural fibres and quirky silhouettes, this collection challenges the users' relationship with clothing through an exploration on how emotional connection can lead to garment longevity.
Block 12 Level D