Hilary Gittings

Issued Utopia

Estelle wears The Contentment Jacket with The Elation Singlet and The Solace Pant. Photographer: Lauren Bishell
Issued Utopia by Hilary Gittings
The Reform Knit and The Merriment Jacket. Photographer: Lauren Bishell
Estelle wears The Reform Knit with The Elation Singlet and The Solace Pant. Rose wears The Merriment Jacket with The Attained Dress. Photographer: Lauren Bishell

Bachelor of Design with Honours

Issued Utopia' is a ticket into finding reassurance and happiness, designed in an attempt to create utopias for those who are lost inside the inbetween. With the use of patterns and layering techniques, each garment implements modular design which can be utilised to create an individualised look. 'Issued Utopia' is a step in the right direction for creating our own utopias which pave the way for fashion’s future possibilities.
Block 12 Level D