Bianca Sisarich

Gold Dust Women

Gold Dust Women- Photographer: Olivia Lamb. Models: Piper Moiser, Hannah Blue, Tertia Hempel and Emily Gilchrist.
The Fearless Cropped Jacket, The Carefree Stretch Top, The Puff and The Sassy Skirt. Photographer: Olivia Lamb. Model: Tertia Hempel.
The Cheeky Puff Crop, The Sanguine Laced Pants and The Fearless Cropped Jacket. Photographer: Olivia Lamb. Model: Hannah Blue.
The Brazen Tailored Jacket, The Dauntless Ruched Dress, and The Liberation Laced Crop. Photographer: Olivia Lamb. Model: Piper Moiser.

Bachelor of Design with Honours

Gold Dust Women is about challlenging Western societies judgements and constraints on the female body by creating clothing that is about being powerful and confident. My collection is giving women the freedom and choice to show off their bodies and be bold and loud in their fashion sense. I want women to wear my collection and feel fearless, wild and carefree. To feel sexy without judgment from others.
Block 12 Level D