Bobbie-Jean Grant (Bobbie.desiGns)


Ray casual suit. Modelled by : Issac Leavasa. Photographed by: Bobbie Grant
EVE collection, Modelled by: Issac Leavasa , Paul Androutos, Georgia Still, Ella Sims. Photography by: Bobbie Grant
EVE Bubble sleeve blouse and EVE Linen pant, modelled by: Ella Sims. EVE crop jacket and Matilda Bubble dress, Modelled by Georgia Still. photography by : Bobbie Grant
RAY Casual Suit, modelled by: Issac Leavasa. TATE Gather top and TATE Linen shorts, modelled by: Paul Androutos

Bachelor of Design

My collection focuses on colour and the emotional effect it has on the wearer- in this my goal was to bring a positive effect not only to the person wearing the garment, but anyone who sees them in it.
My inspiration comes from the interest in the human brain and how it reacts to things you see and how that makes you feel. My research into colour theory as well as colour vs emotion, informed the way I combined colours.

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Block 12 Level D